Crossing the Line

Today I received an email from an author – nothing unusual in that you may think, but this was from an author I have never met but have read. In June 2020 I read one of this author’s books and subsequently went on to review it. I gave the book three stars and pointed out why I didn’t think it merited a higher score and also my personal observations.

So why the email?

It was asking me to rethink my review, to redraft it – in essence rewrite it. Why I wondered, and then a look at Amazon showed that my three star review was the first one showing below his book on their page, meaning it was the first one people thinking of buying it had the option of reading. It didn’t seem to matter that below it was two, five star reviews. It was mine the author singled out to respond to.

Ten months seems a long time to react to an unfavourable review. Or is there such a wealth of them that it’s taken so long to get to mine? (I haven’t looked to see how many three or below it’s received as I’m not interested.)

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So why this post?

Because I personally think that responding to ask a reviewer to change their opinion is an act of crossing the line. Not to mention unprofessional.

I shall not name the author here, nor, as he requested, contact him to confirm that have complied with his wishes. Maybe this will serve as a lesson that he needs to accept that not everyone will like his work and shower him with five golden stars. storytelling is a subjective thing and all producers of the written word must accept this.

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