CV: Selected Plays and Workshops

Selected plays and workshops written 1996 – 2009*.

Commissions by, The Wider Picture Theatre Co, Shropshire:

  • On A Wing and a Prayer. (Musical).
  • Making Ends Meet.
  • Rod of Iron
  • Memories of Angels

Commissions by, The Black Cat Theatre Co, Staffordshire:

  • Promises.
  • Harry Saves the Day.
  • Play-Book.
  • Different, Just the Same.
  • E 4 ‘Ell.
  • Surfing You and Me
  • Various Shakespeare adaptations
  • Aladdin (Adaptation).
  • Beauty and the Beast (Adaptation).
  • Cinderella (Adaptation).
  • Hansel and Gretel (Adaptation)
  • The Elves and the Shoemaker (Adaptation)
  • Treasure Island (Adaptation)

Commissions by, Cathie Morrison Productions, Dubai and Oman

  • Monster in a Box. (co-written with Joanne Rooney, Arkeen Theatre, Motherwell).
  • Tatty Head
  • B4Y-2

Commissions by, The Action Project, Stoke on Trent

  • Cirka No Prata
  • Twelfth Night in Sweden
  • Angels with Dirty Faces
  • L’Amore e Basta
  • Studio 54’s Tempest
  • Annie Matronic
  • Animal Farm (Adaptation)

Other Commissions:

  • Who’s Weight is it Anyway? for Tap and Fret Theatre Company, Slough.
  • E Numbers, for MMA, Birmingham.
  • Swingers, for Shift Theatre Company, London.
  • She Bleeds, for Open Wide Theatre, Edinburgh.
  • Something in the Water, for Black and Blue Productions, Suffolk.
  • Possession, for Black and Blue Productions. Suffolk
  • Murder Mysteries, (Various) Commissioned by Vtes Bristol.
  • Ted, for Alton Towers Hotel, Staffordshire.
  • A Medieval Mystery, for Dangerous Liaisons, Staffordshire.


  • A World Without Drums for Escalator Productions
  • Manacle for Escalator Productions

Educational Commissions:

  • Bully 4 You. (Commissioned alongside Childline)
  • Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet (Adaptations for New Zealand touring production)
  • Dying for a Drink. Educational commission.
  • No Glove, No Love. Educational commission.
  • It’s Different for Girls. Educational commission.
  • Roundabout. Educational commission.
  • The Transition Project for Thetford EAZ.
  • An Inspector Calls. Of Mice and Men. Blood Brothers. Educational workshops


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