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Corona Crumble

Followers of my Being Britalian blog know that I post recipes, mostly Italian ones or my adaptation of the Italian cuisine. As we continue with our corona dictated stay home lifestyle I’ve seen many recipes popping up on blogs: Most … Continue reading

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Keep Calm And Write A Blog

So we’re in a lockdown situation. Okay not a police state, armed street patrol situation, but a self enforced following sensible advice situation. This means for the first time in my lifetime I must adhere to the advice I’m given … Continue reading

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Where Have You Gone??

I had an email a few days ago asking if I disappeared into the ether and ending with the question, ‘Where have you gone??’ with two question marks. It is that electronic communication that has resulted this blog post. The … Continue reading

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Shadows On The Grass

In November I was pleased to asked by Misha M. Herwin to be part of her blog tour following the launch of her third novel, Shadows On The Grass. For those of you unfamiliar with Misha’s work, she’s a prolific … Continue reading

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My New Card

Originally posted on Misha Herwin:
What a difference such a seemingly small thing makes. I had been ploughing through that mire of despond, which is familiar territory for many writers, namely I felt a total failure, thought my work was…

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All blown up

Originally posted on Abruzzo dreaming:
Another lovely Spring day and Mr B kindly took me shopping for whitegoods. Thought we were all sorted in one shop – after some prevarication I picked out the right fridge and washer for me…

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When the Words won’t Come

What do you do when the words won’t come? I’m several chapters from completing my novel and due to the lack of words appearing on the screen it’s become a chore. As a writer of non-fiction for the magazine market … Continue reading

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