A Gathering of Gargoyles

Many book series begin to run out of steam eventually, but the Letty Parker saga goes from strength to strength. From page one the reader is inside the plot – no meandering passages of descriptive and past prose to take up time – The opening paragraph tells us what we need to know and within a few lines we are in Letty’s world, and a member of Letty Parker and Associates.

As usual Herwin’s writing is well thought out without a word wasted and, in my opinion, this is a stronger book than its predecessor ‘The Hanging Tree’. This may be down to the fact that all the characters seem to have an equal amount of action. Hepzebah, usually a passive character is stronger in this book and Mango has grown into a clever young man. The addition of Newton and Copernica bring in a rich mix of personalities.

There’s the undercurrent of her crush for – is it Gabriel or Jeb, – I don’t think Letty is aware either. This makes her decision making clouded at times and she finds it difficult to understand her feelings. (Oh the joy of youth) I particularly like that Letty has a strong moral code and can see this making her a good role model for the book’s target audience. The magic is well designed and consistent through each of the five books, with the Dark Ones still having ultimate power, add to this some witches and dragons and you get a perfect mix of grown-up fantasy for the YA market.

To enjoy a Gathering of Gargoyles you don’t need to have read the first books in the series, but why would you deprive yourself of such rich storytelling. Go out and seek the others in the series, you’ll not be disappointed. I’d can say more but not without giving away spoilers, so I’ll let you read it and become absorbed in Letty’s Bristol.

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