Eco Decorations for the Coming Season #recycling #christmasdecorations

Great ideas. Let’s buy books and make Christmas plastic and junk free.

Jan Edwards

A post on facebook seen today was warning about the plastic nonsense that we have in Christmas crackers and urging people to boycott crackers and decorations in general to save the planet. I can hear groans of ‘Its not christmas yet!’ I know that but it never hurts to give it a little prep time. 

I was wandering through the local garden centre this week and saw that strings of lights in glass receptacles of various kinds seem to be the trend. There were some lanterns with strings of leds that caught me attention until I looked at the price tags…  they began at £15 and went up to £50, and more…  But they did give me an idea. 

Around the house I have a number of nightlight lanterns and some strings of bottle lights. Put the two together and voila! All that will be needed come December is a…

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