Willow: Launch Day

The cover has been finalised. The formatting is complete. The final typo check is almost complete (those pesky typo’s seem to evade capture, no matter how many times you hunt them down). The press release has been written and all that is needed is the launch date to be finalised.

I wanted Willow and the Motorway Horses to become available before October and so I have decided that launch day will be Tuesday 29 September. Choosing a Tuesday was deliberate as it’s the industry standard release day. Maybe this could be an error on my part; it could get lost among the big names, or it could ride on the tails of another – Only time will show.

Cover design Peter Coleborn

As of yet I’m not sure what the launch will entail. No doubt there’ll be posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I’m hoping to drum up some local news interest and radio too, but there’s more important stuff going on out there presently, so Willow may arrive with a canter rather than a gallop.

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1 Response to Willow: Launch Day

  1. christine naylor says:

    You’ll absolutely smash it Mr.L xx

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