September’s Shaping Up

“Ah, September! You are the doorway to the season that awakens my soul…”

Peggy Toney Horton

August was productive and now September seems to shaping up to be just as busy. My first piece of news is that my submission to 6X6 has been selected to be included in their Autumn program and will, in these times of social distancing be videotaped and put up online for all to see, hear and critique. This submission is one from my current WIPs called 25 Voices. It’s a collection of essays/monologues and this submission is Denis’s tale, called The Javelin Thrower. Denis is approaching 59 and after a period of unemployment he’s got an interview; one of those new-fangled workshop ones.

Another of the stories from 25 Voices, Sylvia’s story called, Best Seller got it’s first outing last week. It’s one of the longer essays in the collection, currently at 1,400 words with another 50 percent to be written. The feedback from other writer’s was that it’s doing its job and the humour is well-pitched. I’ve taken on board a few suggestions following the critique and will make the necessary amendments. I’m hoping the collection will be completed and proofed ready to publish in summer 2021.

I’ve been asked to write a blog entry for the Writers Bureau, It’s a great resource for anyone wanting to become a writer, but without the risk of giving up a job to go into full-time education. It was their non-fiction course and my tutor that paved the way for my freelance writing and eventual job as a travel/features writer for Italy magazine.

Image copyright Olivia Owen

So what’s with the horses?

Several years ago while sat in a traffic jam on the M25. I was looking at some black and white horses and thought that they looked odd. Almost horse/cow hybrids. This led to a crazy idea that eventually became my first foray into fuller length fiction; Willow and the Motorway Horses.

The story developed into a novella and tells the tale of five horses and a donkey that live near junction 10 of the M6 south. It’s what I call a grown-up children’s book; in other words a children’s story written for grown-ups because of the themes and swear words.

It’s sat on my hard drive doing nothing and I’ve now made the decision to publish it and be damned, as they say -who says this I don’t know but allegedly they do say it.

So far I’m only at the cover design stage, using the above image of Sid and Dusty, horses that belong to Olivia who works for Save a Horse, Australia I’ve had several cover ideas forwarded from experienced book cover producers and have narrowed it down to three and now have to make a decision; who’d have thought there’d be so much to think about before publication and marketing. I’m hoping Willow will be available before the end of September 2020. Sweary words permitted.

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