My Writing Space

Everybody has their special space; sanctuary. Maybe it’s a wild mountainside or a pebbled cove. It could be a warm bath with a glass of wine or a sitting room with ownership of the remote control, even a gym filled with glistening bodies.

We all have somewhere and mine is my workspace. It’s where my mind buzzes with thoughts and my fingers tap at keys while an iPod shuffles music; swapping genres, mixing artists and tempos.

All writers’ have a special place where they create, a certain atmosphere that benefits them and I’m no different. Some like to create in silence; I like to have music. Not classical or instrumental, but singers; albeit a veritable smorgasbord of vocalists. It’s not unusual for me to begin a paragraph with Barbra Streisand and complete it with Marilyn Manson; there’s always the possibility of a little Depeche Mode or Donna Summer in the mix as I rewrite, think or delete.

Above is the perfect place to sit, outside in the Italian sunshine in the tranquillity of olive groves.
But did this work for me?

The room has to be just right for me too. Some friends like to sit at windows while others prefer a studious layout with story-boards and post-it notes. Moving to Italy seemed to be a perfect writing retreat but it didn’t work out that way. When I was working for Italy Magazine I was immersed in the culture and so I could work on my features easily. But the view, the heat and the unfamiliarity* distracted me from my fiction writing. I don’t ask for much, in fact, I ask for very little in a perfect writing space. A desk, my music and time** and preferably not under a window.

When I returned to England I continued to write and publish posts to my blog, A Life on Shuffle but I didn’t do any work on my WIP’s until March when I was more settled. My workstation was a dining table with the added distraction of the telephone and a dog that barked every time anyone on a bicycle rode past the house.

As my output increased I invested in a new desk but the dilemma that arose was where to site it. There was only one place it could be situated, under a south facing window meaning, sunlight and neighbourhood disruption. Luckily there’s blind so that gives me the isolation I need.

So now my workspace is perfectly organised, I have my pencils, my notebook and my music.

Where is your special place, your retreat, your ideal workspace?

* Finding the Time to Write – Future blog post.

** Write What You Know – Future blog post.

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