One Line

Continuing on from my post, The Idea Generator, I thought I’d share another file that’s stored there.

I have pages where odd lines that have popped into my head reside.

These are often lines that I think would be interesting. Maybe opening lines for a chapter, or just something that’s bounced around inside my head for a few hours.

Once I’ve used a line I colour it blue so that I can’t reuse it. (This helps with my ageing memory).

So here’s a random 10 lines from one my, one line pages:

1. I’ve decided to stop buying frozen broccoli.

2. Rain, long wet slaps, like someone twisting the cellophane sweet wrapper.

3. You two are so close, you’d find it hard to get a buttered knife between you.

4. Princess, that’s what he called me, until the day I said no.

5. He wasn’t my natural father, but for as long as I can remember, he felt like mine.

6. Rockets like God-sperm fertilising heaven

7. The crowd was as thick as Oxford marmalade

8. The room is as cold as its echo.

9. Darkness creeps in as the universe lights its candles.

10. I looked tired, worn like a dishcloth sitting in a sink tidy

Later when I’m working and I’m stuck for a line I can look here and there could be one that’s perfect for what I’m writing.

It may seem a lot of trouble for just one line, but often one of these random lines has been the impetus to create a new story.

Think back, how many times have you had the perfect line in your head and forgotten it by the time you’ve needed it?

Images used are free stock for non-profit use.

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