I have several works in progress. This means that presently my note book and my head is filled with sentences and dialogue, themes and schemes and plots and ideas. So I thought it was about time I updated my writing blog that’s been largely neglected in favour of my Life in Shuffle one.

I am rarely this disorganised, and I’m desperately trying to get the pencil scribbles and the old grey matter organised so I can settle into a more regimented routine of writing again. Until then, my current works in progress are:


Gay to Z

This is the working title of my main project. My second novel. It’s a story about friendship, boundaries and discovery. The main characters are Spence and Troy; friends since school and their antics as they navigate life in the 21st century. Spence’s love life is a disaster and Troy, the Manchester master of the ‘one-liner’ seems to be living life to the max. It’s just parties, promiscuity and campness – but is it?

The novel is based on the alphabet; 26 chapters that start with a, b c etc. The planning and plotting is complete. The chapter plans have been laid down and so it’s just a case of writing the text, I’m currently on chapter seven. Fury, Fight and Falsehood, a collection of lies and arguments that are great fun to write about.



25 Voices

Going back to my theatre roots, I’m currently working on a collection of 25 monologues. Subjects vary from allotment sabotage, male rape and the desire for fame. I’ve made a conscious decision not to write any comedy monologues for the collection, but hopefully it won’t be gloomy.

Sheila Wheeler

Beyoncé has Sasha Fierce, I currently have Sheila Wheeler…

Sheila is a strong-willed woman in her forties; a northerner with a no nonsense attitude. I love writing from the perspective of a woman with something to say – Who said they are the gentler sex? These tales, which are currently stand alone stories, are written in the first person so she speaks directly to the reader about the complexities of life. Such topics as shopping with a toddler, the local amateur operatic society and net curtain whitener. The point of this collection is to have a stock of material that may evolve into a novel or as spare chapters and stories that can be incorporated with another WIP in the future – or to exorcise my inner Sheila.


This is a short modern fairy tale written for an anthology that will be published later in the year. The second draft is currently submitted for consideration. Crossing those digits.

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