Keep Calm And Write A Blog

So we’re in a lockdown situation. Okay not a police state, armed street patrol situation, but a self enforced following sensible advice situation. This means for the first time in my lifetime I must adhere to the advice I’m given for the greater good: As the sound bite says, ‘we’re all in this together’.

In my street there are elderly neighbours who are having provisions and medical supplies delivered by family members who drop them off on the front step and exit to a two metre distance away as they are collected. The one hour, out of the house exercise advice has led to an increased amount of dog walkers passing up and down the street and I’ve never seen so many supermarket delivery vans.

One thing that the corona virus (Covid-19) has spawned is the amount of new blogs that have appeared, most of these new blogs are diaries of people’s experiences as they, ‘Stay Home, Save Lives’ and it’ll be interesting to see how many continue once things return to normal. I’ve read a few and some are really inventive with advice for people who live alone, others have home schooling advice and health and fitness regimes for the sitting room, and some are just produced to make the reader laugh. I’ve also enjoyed reading the established blogs that have adapted to the situation and whose writers have woven their stay home experiences into their regular posts.

Two friends who are also writers have adapted their blogs to fit into the current situation:

Misha Herwin who has had many works published, including two series of young adult novels: The Dragonfire Trilogy and currently the  Letty Parker set of books. Misha also writes novels for the adult reader and her current offering, Belvedere Crescent is available on Amazon etc. Misha’s blog has developed into a daily diary of thoughts and musings about her self-isolation and its effect on her daily routines thus far. Misha’s blog can be found here:


The blog belonging to Jan Edwards, winner of the Arnold Bennett Book Prize and writer of the Bunch Courtney crime novels among various other works, including short stories in genres ranging from urban fantasy, to crime and horror has seen changes. Jan a member of the script writing team for Doctor Who has also adapted her blog to reflect the current situation. Jan’s new  blog entries include recipes to help people with breaking the, ‘what shall we cook for dinner’ cycle and musings about the world around her and trips to the allotment in readiness for a productive summer. Jan’s blog can be found at:


So, will my blog reflect life with the virus, I guess looking back at this entry and knowing of one written in advance to be published later in the week, it already has. Stay safe everyone.

(Images used with permission)

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