Where Have You Gone??

I had an email a few days ago asking if I disappeared into the ether and ending with the question, ‘Where have you gone??’ with two question marks. It is that electronic communication that has resulted this blog post. The email in question asked several questions, two of the most pertinent being:

1. Are you still writing for magazines?

2. Have you stopped posting to your Being Britalian blog?

The answer to the first question is simple. I am no longer writing for Italy Magazine, the publication was sold twice during my time there as a feature writer and I chose not to renew my contract with the second owner of the publication. I am still doing a little freelance work but only currently for trade magazines.

The second question is more difficult to reply to. I have stopped contributing to my blog for a few reasons. First my partner fell ill and was taken into the hospital at Lanciano and I was doing the daily visit through mid-November to mid-December; this meant I had no time to write or do anything remotely interesting to report on. We then came to the UK for follow up hospital appointments and to visit family. The hospital appointments dragged on and before we knew it we were making plans to stay longer than originally anticipated.With my partner’s hospital schedules taking longer than anticipated and my own unresolved health issues to deal with, we secured a place to live and I took on an allotment, (Plot 51) to help ease my sanity through the coming months.


Being in my birth-town after seven years away meant developing a new daily routine and I was enjoying revisiting experiences I had growing up. I took walks around parks where memories were hidden, visited old haunts that I’d almost forgotten about. Frosty mornings were a retro experience with the emergence of snowdrops and the plethora of international cuisine meant and extra inch developing on the waistline. The most distressing thing was the passing of my beautiful little dog Olive, who had a long and happy life. I like to remember her coming home covered in grass and sand after adventures in the olive groves.


Things were looking good, we had got into a monthly routine of hospital visits to various different departments and then the corona virus arrived. I won’t dwell upon this and its effects upon the world, suffice to say, Covid-19 has changed so much: The clients looking to buy a holiday home in Abruzzo have seen their plans put on hold. The office staff in Italy are all on lockdown meaning no legal work is being undertaken/completed and the limitations here in the UK means we don’t see ourselves returning to Italy any day soon.

DSCF1846So to reply to the question, where have you gone?? I’m still here, but should there be no reply If you call, I’m maybe working at, Plot 51 and on the subject of writing, I’ve been getting my (typing) finger out – so to speak and I’ll tell you more about that soon.

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