The Italy NOT for Tourists, A Local Perspective on Abruzzo

Wonderful piece about Abruzzo

Creative Edge Travel

stone village in Italy with snowy rooftops and mountains

Written by Elisabetta Verdone

What I am going to tell you about my dear region is something that I like to whisper with a low voice and there is a reason why.

Italy, outside of the stereotypical postcards of beautiful cities and historical monuments, is a colorful, patchwork blanket of 20 various and differing regions. Every region is a specific world, with different traditions, landscapes, colors, weather, food and even different dialects! Besides many well known, famous and sometimes overrated regions, there are lands still unknown. This is the unconventional Italy. Uncrowded, rustic, and wonderful! It has not been packaged or decorated for the tourists. It is Italy for every day life, not for tourists.

Red poppies in front of a tall rocky mountain in Abruzzo Italy

That is the reason why I keep my voice low. I want these regions to be discovered but, on the other hand, I would like to keep them away from massive tourism to preserve the…

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