Willow and the Motorway Horses

My first work of fiction is now complete. Willow and the Motorway Horses, is a humourous novella written for adults, but using the style and the principles of writing for children.

It tells the tale of a group of equines that live in a field beside the M6 motorway, near to junction 10. They discover that they are about to be put to sleep and Willow, a clever sandy coloured pony comes up with the idea, that to survive they must disguise themselves as other species.

Could this be the first book to have its very own catchphrase?

Willow and the Motorway Horses is at present being read by several authors prior to submission to UK literary agents.

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8 Responses to Willow and the Motorway Horses

  1. F.C.D. says:

    Having been privileged to have heard you read extracts, I look forward to reading the completed book, although I shall make sure I have enough tissues to hand, as I’ll no doubt be crying with laughter. Update 19.08.12. I was right, I did need the tissues – I have not laughed so hard at anything I’ve ever read before. The story flows well and it didn’t take long for me to be completely consumed by it. The catch-phrase got funnier as the story progressed.

  2. Becky Hall says:

    I have just read the final draft of WatMH and I absolutely loved it! I constantly found myself laughing out loud and found the rhythm of the prose so easy to follow. Such a brilliant concept, a children’s book for adults and such a hilarious story that really does draw you in to the very last word. I won’t spoil the story for anybody else but needless to say I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed for a sequel! Well done Baz, pure genius! 🙂

  3. Mimi says:

    A surrealist and darkly humoured novel, mirroring the ethos of western civilisation as we know it. Unique and funny!

  4. Peter J. Moore says:

    I will always be grateful for your advice and the help you gave me that led to my becoming published, so imagine my surprise when you asked me to read WatMH, I felt honoured. What can I say about it other than it is a darn good yarn. Well written with dark moments of pure silliness. I found myself transported into Willow’s world with ease. I was genuinely moved by the ending, but can see scope for a sequel. This could easily become a cult classic, with kids the length and breadth of the nation chanting the catchphrase. Barry, I sincerely wish you the very best with this.

  5. Helen says:

    A highly original piece of prose which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I do think you should consider adapting it and marketing it as a children’s book as this is a much easier market to break into. Children especially love catch phrases and repetition. At least consider it as a Plan B, but good luck with Plan A!

    • barrylillie says:

      Helen, Thanks for your feedback, I’m glad you enjoyed the story. I have thought about adapting it for the childrens’ market as it was originally going to be a short illustrated story book for adults that wouldn’t look out of place in the children’s section. Barry

  6. Mimmo G says:

    A work of originality that made me laugh out loud. I can see this having a broad appeal with a wide age-range. I hope it gets the wider audience that it deserves. Grazie, ciao Mimmo

  7. Shirley says:

    I loved the description and the terms assigned to everyday things such as the phone and cars/trucks ……. Also the catch-phrase was and is very catchy so I think this is a real winner in as far as getting the audience/reader to engage with the text on a subconscious level even whether they liked it or not.
    I think your style of story telling and use of appropriate language devices also managed to achieve a healthy balance between “A child like innocence v Black Comedy” without allowing either element to overshadow the other ……. Almost bitter sweet and quite touching at times ……. creating the perfect opportunity for the reader to engage on a level they may not have initially anticipated ….. great for creating memorable reading experiences !!
    I am Looking forward to reading the published version.

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