The Watcher in the Waves

I’m not a big writer of poetry, but I did find this one which I wrote back in 1998, so thought I’d post it here.

Sea, come rolling in to shore
Let white foam swallow me
Pull me deep into your bowels
Your salty black abyss
Steal away my fragile life
I’m sure I’ll never miss
The blue of summer skies
The velvet of a kiss

Waves erode my consciousness
Salt remove my mind
A thousand mermaid siren songs
Like thunder shatter time
Darkness envelope my soul
Let creatures suck my life
Its selfless fluid oozes forth
From silent glassy eyes

Let golden shards of morning sun
Break your roaring waves
Let birds alight your frozen skin
To steal a fearful look within
At bodies white and bloated
The wrinkled skin of men
You took to die within your arms
Their watery amen

My lungs scream out with twisting fire
My voice no sound emits
But silent sea you hear my call
But never answer it
My eyes now blind, they cry dry tears
So signals feature forth
But silent sea you sense my need
But never life restore

My ears, full up they sound like bats
A thousand mammals scream
But silent sea you steal my soul
No echo doth redeem
My limbs are numb, they ache with cold
Like an ancient hollow crypt
But silent sea you hold my hand
And never ease your grip

White horses leap upon the sands
Where happy children play
While the watcher in the waves
Waits for another day
To steal a life, to fed his lust
For naked virgin souls
To drag them down into his world
That dark oppressive hole

The watcher never shows his face
The watcher never cries
The watcher only plays a game
With innocent, pale lives

Oh sea come rolling in to shore
Let white foam kiss god’s feet
Repent your sin, release the souls
That swim within the deep
Tormented souls with no release
From blackened eyes and burning lungs
Oh sea come rolling in to shore
Give your moon souls to the sun

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