Twisted Disco (Fun Fiction)

This is a 500 word fun piece written for the writers group I attend. Please don’t look for a strong storyline or a clever denouement. As I said it’s just for fun; there is hidden in the text (excluding character names) nineteen references to well known songs from the disco era, can you find them all?

Twisted Disco

 The pistol touched the back of his neck and Chad stopped reaching for the bar that kept the emergency exit closed. He shivered, the cold metal reacting with the dancer’s sweat He didn’t try to turn around; it would be pointless in the blackness backstage. “Why?” he asked.

            “Blame it on the boogie.”

             The bullet came quickly, and with his brains splashed across the walls Chad’s body fell.


Jackson stepped out of the patrol car, the parking lot was almost deserted; the audience had long since gone, a handful of reporters were packing away cables and microphones with just the odd ghoulish bystander remaining.

            The yellow glow from the open door, dissipated as the flash of the police camera recorded the murder scene. “Are the suspects inside?” Jackson asked a man with the unenviable job of cataloguing what was left of the victim. “Yes sir.”

            His footsteps filled the empty auditorium; with the working lights on the space was emotionless. Cole and Serena were at the edge of the dance floor; an armed officer stood near-by. Jackson tilted his head to the side and the officer understanding the command left the room. “I wish we were meeting under happier circumstances,” Jackson said, his hand outstretched. “Thank you,” said Cole.

“Can you tell me where you were at around ten-thirty?”

            “Probably, in the dressing room.”

            “No, you’d already left,” said Serena, “I was adding up the box office receipts. Chad was taking another encore and I remember thinking, ain’t no stopping us now.”

            “So Chad’s popular?”

            “Sure. He’s the greatest dancer.”


             “Didn’t Chad help you out?”

            “Yes, I was just a girl with big dreams who worked in a car wash; my papa always used to say, I was made for dancing. Chad helped me win the queen of clubs title three years back.”

            “Saw himself as some hot shot,” said Cole.

            “Can I be excused?” Serena asked dabbing her eyes with a tissue. Jackson nodded.

“So, where were you tonight?”

            “The new bar in the village; Boogie Wonderland.”

            “Rumour has it; you’ve been wasted lately.”

            “What do you know?”

            “I know you don’t stop ‘til you’ve had enough, the company thinks you’re a liability?”

            “They’re cool. We are family.”

            “And Chad?”

            “He’d been known to rock the boat.”

“Thing was, this time that boat was about to turn upside down.”

Cole felt the spittle from Jackson’s mouth hit his face as he leaned in closer, “Before getting this job you were living at the Y.M.C.A; barely staying alive, spending your nights on Broadway, doing whatever, or whoever you could, until Serena handed you a one way ticket to fame. But, after tonight’s last dance, Chad was going to go public about your affair. I couldn’t have that.”




            “Me,” Serena said entering the room, she held out her hand and Jackson handed her the pistol. “Thank you papa.”

            “But how could you kill Chad?”

“Easily, although, at first I was afraid, I was petrified.”

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